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The 20 best guidebooks for Devon and Cornwall

best guidebooks for devon and cornwall

With their rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages and lush countryside, Devon and Cornwall remain favourite destinations for travelers from near and far. But with so much to see and do across this region, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s where a good guidebook comes in handy.

In this post, we’ve curated the 20 best guidebooks for Devon and Cornwall. From comprehensive guides covering the region in its entirety, to those focused on individual counties, cities and villages, you’ll find recommendations to suit your travel style and interests. We’ve included both iconic guidebook series like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, as well as hidden gems from independent publishers. Each entry includes a short review of the guidebook’s key highlights, pros and cons, ideal audience and situations where it’d make the perfect companion.

Best guidebooks for Devon and Cornwall

With Devon and Cornwall’s wealth of wonders, a guidebook can ensure you craft an unforgettable itinerary. Read on for our picks of the 20 very best.

Lonely Planet Devon and Cornwall

As one of the most popular travel guidebook series, Lonely Planet’s comprehensive regional guide to Devon and Cornwall is a must for travelers wanting to deeply explore England’s picturesque southwest coast.

The colourful 376-page guide spans the length of both counties, with detailed chapters arranged geographically focusing on destinations like Exmoor, Plymouth, Dartmoor, Lizard Peninsula and more. Each chapter breaks down the highlights, provides historical and cultural insights, transportation tips, recommended restaurants/accommodations for various budgets and guided walks/tours. Maps outline the top sights and strolls in each area.

While covering major sightseeing attractions, a key strength of Lonely Planet is revealing lesser-known gems and experiences where locals go. For example, the guide shares great surf beaches, mysterious stone circles and hidden corners of Dartmoor for getting off the tourist trail. Sample itineraries help travelers plan everything from a coast-to-coast road trip to the ultimate two week tour of the counties’ highlights.

With its immersive writing bringing the destinations to life, up-to-date recommendations from coastal hikes to Michelin-starred restaurants, detailed maps and an easy-to-use layout, the Lonely Planet Devon & Cornwall guide is perfect for travelers who want to fully immerse themselves in the region. Budget-conscious travelers will also appreciate its coverage of great-value accommodations and dining options. From quick weekend escapes to extended holidays, Lonely Planet is an essential companion for an unforgettable trip.

lonely planet devon and cornwall
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Rough Guide to Devon and Cornwall

The Rough Guide to Devon and Cornwall is an excellent guidebook for anyone looking to explore the beautiful southwest region of England. Spanning over 250 pages, this guide covers the counties of Devon and Cornwall in great detail, touching on both popular tourist destinations as well as hidden gems off the beaten path.

The book begins with a brief but insightful overview of the region’s history, culture and landscape. The authors then delve into a region-by-region breakdown, with chapters dedicated to destinations like Exmoor, Dartmoor, the North Devon coast, Plymouth, Dartmouth, Cornwall’s Atlantic coast, the Lizard Peninsula and more. Each chapter contains detailed information on the must-see attractions, the best places to eat and sleep, transportation options and insider tips from local experts.

The writing is entertaining and informative, clearly written by authors with immense knowledge of and passion for the region. The historical and cultural background provided gives helpful context for understanding the essence of Devon and Cornwall. The recommendations for sights, activities, restaurants and accommodations cater to a variety of travelers with different interests and budgets.

With its blend of rich history, stunning scenery and quaint seaside towns, Devon and Cornwall deserve in-depth exploration. The Rough Guide excels at providing everything a visitor needs to plan the perfect trip, ensuring they don’t miss any of the highlights this beautiful region of England has to offer.

rough guide to devon and cornwall
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DK Eyewitness Top 10 Cornwall and Devon

For travelers seeking a quick, convenient guide to the top attractions and destinations in Cornwall and Devon, the DK Eyewitness Top 10 Cornwall & Devon is an excellent choice. Part of DK’s popular Top 10 travel series, this compact 132-page guide focuses on highlighting the absolute best things to see and do across the counties.

The book breaks down the must-see highlights into easy-to-digest top 10 lists, including the top 10 beaches, coastal drives, castles and historic houses, family days out, pubs and restaurants, and more. DK’s signature colorful photography and illustrations showcase the attractions in vivid detail. The guide provides key information on each venue including opening times, locations and tips for visiting. Easy-to-reference maps plot out the top sites as well as scenic drives and walks.

While more highlights-focused than comprehensive, the DK Top 10 guide excels in quickly helping travelers plan an itinerary, maximize time on the ground and experience the most iconic attractions. With its convenient portable size, sturdy construction, vibrant photos and “best of” focus, it’s ideal for on-the-go travelers who want an easy-to-use reference to the top places to visit in Devon and Cornwall.

dk eyewitness
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Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall and South West

For adventurous travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the raw natural beauty of Devon and Cornwall, Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall and South West is an invaluable resource. Authored by nature enthusiasts Daniel Start and Vicki Armour, this guide unearths the region’s hidden wilderness, from windswept moors and tranquil rivers to secluded beaches and ancient woodlands.

Spanning over 400 pages, the guide profiles 100 inspirational days out across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and more. Each entry gives insider tips for experiences like swimming under a thundering waterfall, stargazing on an empty beach, or watching seals and dolphins from dramatic cliffs. Clear maps and directions help you live like a local.

A key highlight is the guide’s passionate focus on conservation and sustainability. It provides guidance on how to responsibly enjoy fragile natural areas while avoiding crowded hotspots. Inspiring photography captures the region’s wild essence.

While coverage of cities and key sights is limited, the guide excels in helping nature lovers connect with the Southwest’s beauty off-the-beaten-path. The authors focus on cues missed by casual visitors, like the sound of the wind whistling through reeds, or the sunlight dancing on river rapids. Whether you have 2 days or 2 weeks, Wild Guide steers you away from crowds and into magical wilderness adventures. With its insider tips, captivating prose and emphasis on eco-friendly travel, this guide is perfect for the thoughtful wilderness explorer.

wild guide devon and cornwall
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Insight Guides Great Breaks Devon & Cornwall

With its colorful photos, easy-to-navigate layout and spotlight on the top attractions, Insight Guides Great Breaks Devon & Cornwall is an excellent choice for travelers seeking a convenient, highlights-focused guide to England’s southwest.

This compact 132-page book zeroes in on the ultimate destinations for short breaks, from the wilds of Dartmoor and sun-soaked beaches of Cornwall to lively cities like Exeter and Plymouth. Detailed insider information covers the essential sights, along with options for day trips, shopping, eating and nightlife. Hundreds of brilliant full-color photos allow you to vividly visualize each place.

The best-of focus makes this guide ideal when time is limited. The book breaks down itineraries by number of days available – whether you have a quick weekend or a whole week to explore. The practical maps make navigating easy. While more extensive guides provide deeper coverage, Insight Guides’ thoughtful top highlights, handy size and visual design make it perfect for quintessential experiences on quick breaks or extended holidays. Its themed routes for things like ancient history, family fun and arts & culture provide options to tailor your visit. Packed with inspiration and planning guidance, Great Breaks Devon & Cornwall lets you make the most of your time.

best guides to devon and cornwall
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Devon, Cornwall & West Somerset Visitors’ Atlas (A-Z Street Maps & Atlases)

Featuring clear, detailed maps of key destinations across Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset, the A-Z Visitors’ Atlas is an invaluable navigation tool for travelers exploring England’s scenic Southwest region.

This 136-page atlas includes large-scale maps of top tourist destinations like Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Dartmoor National Park, Newquay, St Ives, and Bath. The maps feature sights, walking trails, hotels, restaurants, shops, transportation links and other points of interest. The atlas also includes overview maps of the three counties’ road networks for trip planning.

The atlas’ durability and convenient pocket size make it perfect for taking on the go. The binding allows it to lay flat when open. The laminated covers and thick paper stand up well to heavy use.

While it doesn’t include destination guides or trip planning tips, the A-Z Visitors’ Atlas excels as a detailed, accurate map companion. The clear cartography and listings of key attractions make navigating unfamiliar destinations simple. With its reliability, portability and focus on mapping, it’s a must-have for drivers, cyclists, hikers and sightseers who want a detailed reference to finding their way in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Having the A-Z Atlas on hand ensures you always know the best route from point A to B.

a-z devon and cornwall
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Paddle Boarding South West England: 100 places to SUP, canoe, and kayak in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Bristol

Paddle Boarding South West England spotlights the top spots across the region’s beautiful coastline and inland waterways for stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing. Local paddle boarding author Lisa Drewe details everything you need to know to plan your watersports adventure.

The guide profiles 100 hand-picked locations, from tranquil rivers and lakes ideal for beginners to thrilling coastal routes for more experienced paddlers. Each entry includes directions, maps, photos, tips on conditions and difficulty level. Introductory chapters provide guidance on gear, safety essentials, tide information, instructors and more.

While light on destination info beyond the water, the guide excels in helping both novice and veteran paddlers discover new places to embark. The insightful descriptions, range of locales and practical advice make it easy to find the perfect outing based on your skill level and interests. Those seeking a unique vantage point to explore the beauty of Devon and Cornwall from its harbours, beaches and rivers will find Paddle Boarding South West England an invaluable reference. With its paddling-focused recommendations and technical guidance, it’s the ideal companion for an active aquatically-themed holiday.

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Exploring Devon and Cornwall’s Branch Lines

For train enthusiasts looking to explore the local rail lines crisscrossing Devon and Cornwall, John Jackson’s Exploring Devon and Cornwall’s Branch Lines is the perfect companion. The guide profiles over 20 rural branch line routes, spotlighting their history, operations, points of interest and ideal walking itineraries to link them together.

Jackson brings each line to life with his engaging writing and wealth of historical insights. He highlights appealing towns, coastal views, viaducts, tunnels and other sights accessible via Devon and Cornwall’s rail network. The guide is organized geographically with recommended day trips for each line, including maps and tips for navigating by train and foot. Walking directions link together stations, attractions and nature reserves along the branch routes.

While the guide assumes some knowledge of UK’s rail system, Jackson helpfully explains terminology for novices. For seasoned rail users, his in-depth operations details and history provide fresh perspective on familiar lines. With its expert advice, maps, historical tidbits, and suggested itineraries, Exploring Devon and Cornwall’s Branch Lines makes navigating local lines simple and unveils their hidden wonders. Whether you ride or ramble, it’s the perfect guide for train buffs, walkers, and those looking to experience the counties’ beauty through their nostalgic rural railways.

guide to devon and cornwall branch lines
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Photographing Cornwall and Devon: The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

With its rugged coastline, picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes, the counties of Cornwall and Devon offer an abundance of subject matter for photographers. Photographing Cornwall and Devon: The Most Beautiful Places to Visit by professional photographer Adam Burton is the quintessential guide to capturing standout shots across this photogenic region.

Spanning over 300 pages, the book profiles 70 hand-picked destinations from Land’s End to Exmoor National Park. Each entry features insider location tips, optimal times to shoot, technical guidance and inspiration for composing the perfect photograph. Introductory chapters provide helpful pointers on equipment, techniques and understanding light based on weather, tide and time of day – factors that dramatically alter the coastal views.

Burton brings the destinations to life with his evocative descriptions, making you view familiar sights in a new light. He reveals his favorite overlooked vistas, secret spots at famous locations, angles for unique perspectives and optimal spots for classic postcard-style shots. For all skill levels, his clear instructions distill the essentials of creating breathtaking photographs that capture the essence of this beautiful region.

With its blend of big-name sights alongside hidden gems, technical guidance and passion for the counties’ singular beauty, Photographing Cornwall and Devon excels in equipping photographers to showcase the destinations at their visual best. Whether you’re a local looking for fresh inspiration or visitor seeking to document scenic memories, this guide ensures you depart with portfolio-worthy shots.

photographing devon and conrwall
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Devon and Cornwall’s Oddest Historical Tales

Devon and Cornwall’s Oddest Historical Tales offers a glimpse into the region’s quirky history and lore through a collection of its most bizarre true stories. Author John Fisher delves into tales spanning smugglers, pirates, ghosts, mysterious disappearances, paranormal occurrences, unsolved crimes, miracles, legends and more.

Spanning over 300 pages, the book groups stories into themed sections like the supernatural, medical mysteries, heroic rescues, and famous murders that rocked local communities. Fisher retells each mini-saga with riveting storytelling flair. From headless ghosts to cursed stones to a man-eating shark, the bizarre-but-true tales reveal little-known morsels of intrigue.

While certainly not a comprehensive history, Fisher’s curation of quirky legends and localized lore provides fascinating insights you won’t find in any textbook. Those looking to uncover the oddball episodes hidden in Devon and Cornwall’s past will find this book’s engaging stories both entertaining and illuminating. It brings to life the regional character through accounts ranging from the creepy to the comedic. For a glimpse beyond the guidebook, Devon and Cornwall’s Oddest Historical Tales is a delightful read for history buffs.

historical tales
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Walking the Jurassic Coast: Dorset and East Devon – The Walks, the Rocks, the Fossils

Walking the Jurassic Coast: Dorset and East Devon – The Walks, the Rocks, the Fossils” by Ronald Turnbull is a captivating guide that seamlessly combines the thrill of exploration with the rich geological history of the Jurassic Coast. This coastal stretch, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unfolds its wonders through Turnbull’s meticulous exploration of the walks, rocks, and fossils that characterize the region.

The book not only serves as a practical guide to various walks along the Jurassic Coast but also delves into the geological marvels that make this area unique. Turnbull’s narrative skillfully intertwines the physical experience of walking with the geological revelations embedded in the rocks beneath one’s feet. As readers traverse the rugged landscapes, they are treated to a journey through time, discovering fossils that provide glimpses into ancient marine life.

Turnbull’s passion for the subject matter is evident in his vivid descriptions and informative insights. The book not only caters to seasoned hikers seeking challenging trails but also to those with a keen interest in paleontology and earth sciences. The inclusion of detailed maps, practical tips, and historical anecdotes enhances the reader’s experience, making it both educational and enjoyable.

In essence, “Walking the Jurassic Coast” transcends the conventional walking guide, transforming each trek into a fascinating exploration of the Earth’s history. Ronald Turnbull’s work is a testament to the enduring allure of the Jurassic Coast, offering readers a profound appreciation for the natural wonders that have stood the test of time along this stunning stretch of coastline.

jurassic coast
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Exploring Devon: A Visual Feast – the definitive guide book for Devon

Devon Guide Book: A Visual Feast lives up to its name as both a practical guide and stunning visual homage to the landscapes, villages, and spirit of Devon. Local photographer William Fricker captures the diversity of the county through over 200 vibrant full-color images paired with insightful commentary.

While not organized geographically, each photo essay highlights aspects of Devon, from its wild moors and rivers to fairy tale cottages and seaside towns. Fricker’s photographs showcase both iconic sights and hidden gems not featured in typical guides. His engaging background provides cultural insights and history to enrich your travels.

The photography is the star of the show. Fricker has an eye for framing quintessential Devon scenes, from sheep grazing misty moors to sunlight dancing through coastal foliage. The images immerse you in Devon’s essence.

With its visual approach, commentary weaving connections between past and present, and passion for the county’s rich landscape, Devon Guide Book excels in fostering deeper appreciation and understanding. Visitors will gain fresh perspective on familiar destinations through Fricker’s unique vantage points. Locals will rediscover beauty in their own backyards.

While not a comprehensive planning guide, the vivid images, reflective prose, and illuminating details make it an ideal coffee table-style companion to inspire wanderlust and contemplation of Devon’s profound natural and cultural spirit. For armchair travelers or active adventurers, it’s both a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Devon Guide Book: A Visual Feast
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Road Trip South West

Part scenic driving guide, part practical travel planner, Road Trip South West is an invaluable companion for road tripping the southwest coast. Local travel blogger Robbie Roams packs this 354-page book with over 50 coastal and inland drives across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset, from short afternoon jaunts to multi-day adventures.

Each flexible itinerary combines directions, maps and GPS coordinates with recommendations for top stops, hidden gems off the beaten path, and where to eat, drink, or stay the night. Sample routes include Exmoor National Park, Jurassic Coast, Dartmoor, Lizard Peninsula and more. Introductory chapters provide helpful tips on booking accommodations, understanding road signs, avoiding crowds, and navigating rural roads.

While light on historical or cultural context, the guide excels in trip-planning logistics with its variety of customizable self-drive routes. Packed with insider tips, convenient maps and directions tailored for drivers, Road Trip South West Cornwall Guidebook takes the stress out of planning and allows travelers to simply enjoy miles of stunning coastal scenery.

road trip south west
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Devon – 40 Coast and Country Walks

For outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore Devon on foot, Devon – 40 Coast and Country Walks is an excellent guide to the county’s finest hiking routes. Author Patrick Kinsella curates a collection of routes spanning the dramatic coastline, sweeping moors, river valleys and pastoral countryside.

The selected circuits range from peaceful short strolls to multi-day treks, providing options for all abilities. Each route includes detailed descriptions, insider tips, maps and color photos. Introductory chapters provide guidance on navigation, outdoor safety, packing checklist and understanding difficulty ratings.

While the walks focus on Devon, the guide references connecting trails into Cornwall and Somerset for longer adventures. Kinsella brings each route to life with historical tidbits and geological insights. His passion for the local landscapes shines through.

For anyone eager to explore Devon’s natural beauty up close, this guide excels in curating the top hiking routes. Kinsella’s insider knowledge helps create memorable outdoor experiences.

Devon 40 walks
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The Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall

For photographers seeking to capture Cornwall’s dramatic landscapes and ever-changing light, The Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall is an invaluable shooting location scout. Author Ellen Bowness, a Cornwall local and professional photographer, uncovers over 70 hand-picked destinations ideal for stunning photographs across seasons and settings.

Each entry includes insider tips on optimal vantage points, ideal times of day for different conditions, technical guidance, maps and evocative descriptions of each site that foster visual inspiration. Introductory chapters provide helpful tutorials on techniques tailored to coastal and rural scenes like controlling dynamic range, enhancing colors, and manipulating light.

While light on lodging and dining recommendations beyond the locations, the guide excels in revealing photogenic Cornwall through an insider lens. The technical pointers help photographers capture the essence of each scene. For pros and amateurs alike looking to strengthen location creativity and photographic mastery, The Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall provides both vision and know-how.

photographers guide
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Short Walks in Cornwall: Guide to 20 local walks

With its compact size and focused selection of 20 routes under 5 miles, Short Walks in Cornwall from Collins Maps is a handy guide for travelers who want to stretch their legs without committing to an all-day trek.

Spanning just 96 pages, the pocket-sized book covers scenic seaside strolls like Kynance Cove and Porthcurno, riverside rambles along the Camel Trail, and hilltop views at St. Agnes Beacon. Concise route descriptions are accompanied by simple maps. The walks are scattered throughout Cornwall, providing a tasting platter of some of its most picturesque landscapes.

The guide is thoughtfully designed for ease on the trail. Its slim, lightweight build slips easily into a daypack. The plastic cover resists water damage. And the clear maps and directions make navigating straightforward.

While lacking extensive detail or photography, Short Walks in Cornwall distills Cornwall’s beauty into 20 manageable yet rewarding mini adventures accessible to most abilities. For travelers short on time but eager for fresh air and scenery, it provides the perfect introduction to experiencing Cornwall on foot, whetting the appetite to further explore this stunning county’s 300 miles of paths.

short walks in cornwall
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Cornwall : 40 Coast & Country Walks

For hikers eager to explore the diversity of Cornwall’s landscapes, Cornwall: 40 Coast & Country Walks is an excellent guide to the county’s top hiking routes. Author Keith Fergus spotlight 40 handpicked trails winding through moors, woods, farmland, villages and of course, dramatic cliffside coastlines.

The selected walks range from easygoing ambles along sandy beaches to challenging climbs up windswept ridgelines. Each route has a detailed description, insider tips,topographic maps and vibrant color photography. Introductory chapters offer guidance on trip planning, outdoor safety, packing and understanding difficulty ratings.

Fergus brings local history and ecology to life in his engaging route descriptions. While focused on Cornwall, he incorporates connecting trails into Devon for longer adventures. The curated selection balances variety for all interests and abilities.

Whether you have a few hours or a few days, Cornwall: 40 Coast & Country Walks makes experiencing Cornwall’s breathtaking scenery on foot simple. With hand-picked routes, expert tips and planning context, it’s an invaluable guide for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore Cornwall’s hidden corners one step at a time.

cornwall 40 walks
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Where to Watch Birds in Devon and Cornwall (Including the Isles of Scilly and Lundy)

For bird watching enthusiasts exploring the southwest of England, Where to Watch Birds in Devon and Cornwall is an essential guide to locating the region’s diverse species. Authored by nature expert David Norman, this book profiles over 80 prime birdwatching sites spanning from Exmoor to the Isles of Scilly.

The guide begins with helpful introductory chapters on understanding bird behavior, choosing binoculars, seasonal patterns and conservation. The site entries highlight coastal cliffs, wetlands, forests, and urban green spaces ideal for spotting both resident and migratory birds. Each includes descriptions, habitat details, target species, viewing tips, and driving/public transport directions. Handy site maps plot optimal viewing locations.

Norman brings his intimate knowledge of southwest England’s avifauna to every page, providing a deeper appreciation of species within their ecosystems. While the main text focuses on Devon and Cornwall, the guide incorporates birding hotspots in Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire as well.

For beginners and experts alike, Where to Watch Birds excels in curating the region’s prime birding sites while also fostering skills to better understand and connect with nature. The insightful writing, diversity of locations, maps and directions equip readers with everything needed to seek out local feathery residents as well as rare migrants passing through.

where to watch birds
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The Best of Cornwall, Devon & Dorset

The Best of Cornwall, Devon & Dorset profiles the top attractions and experiences across England’s picturesque southwest counties in one compact guide. Local expert Simon Ridgwell packs this 144-page book with the highlights for planning an unforgettable trip.

The guide is organized geographically with chapters on key destinations. Each chapter recommends top sights, walking routes, historic houses and castles, peaceful villages, arts and crafts, farm shops, restaurants, pubs and more. Handy maps plot locations and scenic drives. Feature boxes spotlight unique local finds. Full-color photos showcase the destinations.

Ridgwell distills insider knowledge into an easy-to-use reference. His passionate tips blend mainstay sights with local secrets. The focused recommendations help travelers quickly build an itinerary while discovering less-known gems.

With its rich selection, maps, photos and compact size, this guidebook is perfect for highlighting the most rewarding, authentic experiences across Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. Whether planning pre-travel or bringing along on a road trip, The Best of Cornwall, Devon & Dorset ensures you don’t miss the best of England’s stunning southwest.

best devon and cornwall guidebooks
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Lost Lanes West Country: 36 Glorious bike rides

Lost Lanes West Country reveals the idyllic cycling routes crisscrossing the backroads and postcard-perfect villages of England’s picturesque southwest. Author Jack Thurston, founder of the popular Bike Radar website, curates 36 of the region’s most beautiful bike rides, from leisurely day trips to multi-day adventures.

Spanning Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, the guide outlines circular routes of varying lengths and difficulty. Each ride features GPS coordinates, elevation profiles, detailed route descriptions, insider tips, and charming color photos capturing the countryside. Introductory chapters provide helpful pointers on bike maintenance, navigation, packing and local riding etiquette.

While light on dining and accommodation recommendations, Lost Lanes West Country excels in showcasing the quiet country lanes and stunning rural landscapes best explored by bike. Thurston’s curated routes avoid busy traffic and reveal charming sleepy hamlets. For cyclists eager to immerse themselves in the region’s hidden backroad treasures at an unhurried pace, it’s an invaluable and inspiring guide.

west country cycling guide
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With hundreds of guidebooks available, planning a trip to Devon and Cornwall can feel overwhelming. But this list of the 20 best guidebooks for Devon and Cornwall simplifies the process. These recommended books, from comprehensive references to focused specialty guides, unlock the very best of England’s picturesque southwest counties. Whether you seek active adventures, photographic inspiration, sightseeing highlights or offbeat discoveries, these invaluable resources will enhance your experience. With one of the 20 best guidebooks for Devon and Cornwall in hand, you’re equipped to craft an incredible southwest England adventure.

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