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St Neot Church

st neot church

Admire Historic Stained Glass at St Neot Church

Nestled in a lush wooded valley beside a fairy tale-esque medieval bridge stands the quaint St Neot Church. While just a small country church, delicately colourful stained glass windows created between the 15th and 19th centuries make it astonishingly special. This gorgeous church near Liskeard promises illuminating family days out discovering the vivid stories depicted in over 750 years of vibrant stained glass.

Along with its famed windows, kids will enjoy the trails to reach St Neot plus its holy well. Here’s everything to know for an inspiring artistic day out at atmospheric St Neot Church.

st neot church

Getting There

St Neot Church lies just outside the picturesque village of St Neot 2 miles east of Liskeard in Cornwall. It sits off the main A38. On-site parking is very limited so come on foot if possible.

By public transport, Liskeard station has regular train services while the 12 bus from town stops in St Neot village. Follow signs through the woods down to the church besides the medieval bridge.

Opening Times

St Neot Church is open everyday:

April – October: 9am – 6pm
October – March: 9am – 4pm

Note the church holds regular services if wanting to see inside outside visiting hours.

Price and Tickets

Entry to St Neot Church is free with donation boxes inside to contribute towards maintaining the historic building and valued glass.

Small charges apply for extras like printed guide books and children’s quiz trails. The key for the holy well is kept in church during open times.


Must-See Stained Glass

Some of the dazzling stained glass window highlights to spot inside include:

  • The vivid Gethen windows from 1520 featuring royal saints and coats of arms in rich red and blue tones.
  • The muted 16th century Crucifixion window with Christ above symbols of the Evangelists in intricate detail.
  • Intricate 17th century Epiphany windows glowing in golds and greens as the three Magus present their gifts.
  • Peaceful early 19th century windows created by renowned Plymouth artist F Koppel showing local riverside scenes.

See if kids can identify all the colourful stories powerfully told in stained pictures from 500 years of glass masterpieces.

Interactive Family Fun

As well as appreciating the colourful stained glass, kids will enjoy hands-on activities like:

  • Scavenger hunts matching animals carved into pews to windows where they are seen.
  • Brass rubbing of decorative memorial plaques from the 17th and 18th century. Take the etchings home.
  • Trying the quiz trail challenge answering questions while exploring nooks like the high wooden rood screen and engraved font.
  • Playing traditional games like Packhorse Bridge tiddlywinks outlined on trail cards.

Services at St Neot Church

Sunday morning services in the church are normally at 8:00 and 9:30, with additional services at other times. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the times of church services at St. Neot Church, it is recommended to contact the church directly or visit their official website.

st neot church

St Neot’s Holy Well

St. Neot’s holy well is an ancient Celtic well with a rich history and spiritual significance.  It is a sacred spring that has been accessible since St. Neot’s death and is situated within a grassy mound just a short walk along the River Loveney from the village. The well is a site of pilgrimage and is believed to have healing properties. Pilgrims visit the well to seek physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

The well is an important part of the religious and cultural heritage of the area and is a place of tranquility and reflection. It is a testament to the enduring spiritual and cultural legacy of St. Neot and continues to be a place of reverence and pilgrimage for people of all backgrounds. You can visit it when you come to the church and use it as an opporunity to practice some mindfullness and spend a quiet moment reflecting peacefully.

st neots well

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking available near the church? – Yes there is plenty of free parking

Is the church accessible to people with wheelchairs? Yes, the church has good access facilities.

Are dogs allowed? – Yes, well behaved dogs on leads are welcome.

Nearby Days Out

Combine a visit with other nearby family adventures like:

  • Golitha Falls – A beautiful nature reserve with a series of spectacular waterfalls and woodland walks, located just 2.5miles from St. Neot Church
  • King Doniert’s Stone – An ancient memorial stone dating back to the 9th century, featuring inscriptions in memory of King Doniert, located 3 miles from St. Neot Church
  • Longstone Cross (Long Tom – A well-preserved prehistoric standing stone, also known as Long Tom, located 5 miles from St. Neot Church.
  • Trethevy Quoit – A remarkable prehistoric burial chamber, known as a quoit, featuring a large capstone supported by several upright stones, located 5 miles from St. Neot Church.
  • Boconnoc – A historic estate with a stately home and beautiful gardens, offering guided tours and special events, located 5 miles from St. Neot Church3.
  • The Hurlers Stone Circles – A group of three bronze age stone circles, surrounded by myth and legend, located 5 miles from St. Neot Church
  • Eden Project – A world-famous ecological attraction featuring giant biomes with diverse plant species from around the globe, located approximately 20 miles from St. Neot Church.
  • Lanhydrock House and Gardens – A magnificent Victorian country house with extensive gardens and woodland, offering a glimpse into the area’s rich history, located 9 miles from St. Neot Church.

Though small in scale, atmospheric St Neot Church holds Cornwall’s unique rich heritage in its exquisite stained glass windows gloriously brought to light through family trails and tantalising tales.

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