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Pennywell Farm

Pennywell Farm

Pennywell Farm is a well known and popular place for families to get close to animals and farm life.

Nestled in the heart of the captivating Devon countryside, Pennywell Farm stands as a beacon of family-friendly fun and unforgettable memories. For those seeking a day out that combines the charm of a traditional farm with interactive experiences, adorable animals, and engaging activities, Pennywell Farm is a great destination. From the moment you step foot on the farm, you’ll be transported to a world of rural delight and hands-on exploration.

This is a really nice place to take young children for an experience of the countryside and an idea of life on the farm.


Getting There

Conveniently located in South Devon, Pennywell Farm’s address is Pennywell Farm, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0LT. If you’re arriving by car, a scenic drive through the picturesque Devon roads will lead you here. Just moments off the A38 with ample free parking, getting to Pennywell Farm is simple.

Nearby towns for visiting later would include Totnes, Dartmouth, Plymouth and Exeter. The closest train station is in Totnes.

There is no direct bus service to Pennywell, but buses run along the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth and the closest stop is Buckfastleigh, about a mile away. Visit Stagecoach buses for timetables.

Opening Hours

Pennywell Farm welcomes visitors during the sunnier months, typically opening its gates from late February to late October. The farm’s daily operating hours span from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, allowing ample time to immerse yourself in all the attractions it has to offer.


When it comes to pricing, Pennywell Farm caters to families of all sizes. Children under the age of 3 are granted free admission, making it an ideal outing for families with young ones. For children and adults, the farm offers tiered pricing options.

  • Adult £20
  • Senior Citizen £17
  • Child 3-15 £16

It’s a good idea to check the official Pennywell Farm website for the most current information on admission fees and any special promotions.

Attractions and Activities at Pennywell Farm

Interactive Animal Encounters

At Pennywell Farm, you’ll have the unique opportunity to interact with a diverse range of farm animals. From the soft touch of a rabbit’s fur to the gentle nuzzle of a curious goat, these hands-on encounters allow both children and adults to develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for these furry and feathered friends.

Miniature Pig Racing

Prepare for a dose of pure joy as you witness the famous miniature pig racing. Amazing fun to be had here! The excitement is palpable as these charming and agile pigs dash around the track, captivating visitors with their spirited race. It’s a spectacle that elicits laughter, cheers, and plenty of applause.


Tractor Trailer Rides

Embark on a journey through the past and present of Pennywell Farm aboard a vintage tractor trailer. Led by knowledgeable guides, these informative rides take you through the scenic landscape of the farm while offering insights into its history, agricultural practices, and the animals that call it home. Also a great chance to sit down for a few minutes.

Play Areas for All Ages

Pennywell Farm is not just about observing animals; it’s about actively engaging with your surroundings. The farm features thoughtfully designed play areas suitable for various age groups. From soft play zones for the youngest members of the family to adventure playgrounds that challenge older kids’ agility, these areas are perfect for fostering creativity, physical activity, and social interaction.

Engaging Demonstration Shows

Throughout the day, Pennywell Farm hosts a variety of demonstration shows that provide both entertainment and education. From milking demonstrations that shed light on the dairy industry to falconry displays that showcase the majesty of birds of prey, these shows add a dynamic and immersive element to your visit.

Our animal encounters at the family farm

My family loves a trip here. Arriving at Pennywell Farm, we buzzed with excitement. We began by petting rabbits and goats, delighting my son. Then came the highlight: miniature pig racing. Laughing and cheering, we watched as the pigs dashed around the track. Next, we hopped on a tractor trailer for a ride around the farm, which my son loved. The other thing that he really enjoyed was playing on the trampoline – which he doe for about 30 minutes!

Surrounded by picturesque countryside, we soaked in the views while learning about farm life. It was a simple yet joyful day, filled with unforgettable moments. Pennywell Farm created the perfect family outing.


Pennywell Farm does all it can to ensure your comfort and convenience during your visit. Facilities include:

  • Charming Cafes and Culinary Delights: The farm’s cafes serve up scrumptious meals made from locally sourced ingredients, offering a true taste of Devon. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty lunch or a sweet treat, the cafes have something to satisfy every palate, even the fussiest children in my experience.
  • Scenic Picnic Areas: If you prefer to bring your own culinary creations, designated picnic areas provide a picturesque backdrop for al fresco dining. These areas are perfect for relaxing with your family, savoring your packed meal, and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
  • Thoughtful Gift Shop: Before you leave, be sure to explore the farm’s gift shop, where you can find an array of souvenirs, handmade crafts, and charming mementos. This is your opportunity to take a piece of Pennywell Farm’s enchantment home with you.
  • Modern Restroom Facilities: Clean and well-maintained restrooms are strategically located throughout the farm, ensuring that your family’s comfort is prioritized at all times.
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For families in search of an enchanting and educational day out in the heart of Devon, Pennywell Farm is a quintessential destination. It is one of the most popular day out in Devon for good reason. With its diverse range of activities, heartwarming animal encounters, and captivating shows, the farm promises an immersive experience that appeals to visitors of all ages. Whether you’re cheering on racing pigs, getting up close and personal with furry friends, or enjoying the idyllic countryside setting, Pennywell Farm is the epitome of family-friendly adventure. Embark on a journey of discovery, laughter, and cherished memories as you explore the magic of Pennywell Farm. Plan your visit today to create an unforgettable day out for your loved ones in the captivating Devon landscape.

Alfie and Alexa at Pennywell Farm

alfie and alexa at pennywall farn

In the heart of the English countryside, two inseparable friends, Alfie and Alexa, embark on a series of adventures at Pennywell Farm. With Alfie’s boundless energy and Alexa’s thoughtful perspective, they explore the farm, tend to the animals, and discover hidden treasures. Through their imagination, they transform the farm into a stage for their fantastical adventures. As dusk settles, they gather around a bonfire, listening to Farmer Tom’s tales of friendship and courage. Their friendship, as radiant as the night sky, will forever be intertwined with Pennywell Farm.

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Other Nearby Attractions

When you have been to Pennywell Farm, you should think about some of these other places:

  • Dartmoor Zoo – Engaging zoo focused on wildlife conservation and education. Get close to endangered animals like jaguars, snow leopards and sun bears.
  • Powderham Castle – 600 year old castle near Exeter, still owned by the Earl of Devon. Guided tours offer a glimpse into stately living.
  • World of Country Life – Indoor recreation of a 19th century rural village including costumed re-enactors demonstrating traditional crafts.
  • Pecorama – Quirky miniature world near Beer with model railways, gardens and exhibitions. Ride the narrow gauge railway for scenic views.
  • Crealy Adventure Park – Top family theme park near Exeter with over 60 rides and attractions including animals, rollercoasters and water fun.
  • Escot Country Park – Diverse attraction with gardens, farm animals, adventure playgrounds, fairytale trails and activities.
  • Canonteign Falls – England’s highest waterfall set within a lush wooded gorge. Viewing platforms provide scenic vantage points.
  • Bicton Park Botanical Gardens – Stunning ornamental gardens from the 18th century with glasshouses, woodland walks, railway and play area.
  • Exeter’s Underground Passages – Explore the medieval tunnels beneath the city on a costumed guided tour and discover Exeter’s hidden history.

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