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Lizard Lighthouse

lizard lighthouse

See Stunning Ocean Views at Lizard Lighthouse

Perched evocatively on rugged cliffs at Britain’s most southerly point lies historic Lizard Lighthouse, safeguarding passing ships through the treacherous reefs fringing this notorious stretch of Cornwall’s coastline since 1795. Families can now scale its tower peeking inside former keeper cottages before gazing out at stirring sea vistas unfurling magnificently on the scenic Lizard peninsula.

Alongside touring Trinity House’s architecturally impressive ‘castle-like’ lighthouse, there’s adventures discovering dramatic rescue stories, rockpools glittering with marine life, rare wildflowers and associates like pioneering wireless inventor Marconi whose Lizard transmission mast still stands nearby as mementos to Cornish innovations emerging where land finally meets thrashing seas.

Here’s everything families require for an atmospheric day escaping to Cornwall’s stirring southern limits at lovely Lizard Lighthouse.

lizard lighthouse close up

Getting There

Lizard Lighthouse commands imposing cliff-top views over treacherous reefs 1.5 miles from Lizard Point village inland from the A3083 B3293 junction. Well signed, it has a large National Trust pay-and-display car park, at which National Trust members can park for free.

By public transport from Helston or Falmouth, alight at Landewednack church stop on routes 2, 2A and M5 before following the 1.7 mile cliff-top trailhead signed to the lighthouse.

Opening Times and Prices

Open daily:

1 March – 31 October 10am – 5pm

Closed from November to February.

The standard entry price is £8 adults while under 18s enter free.

Lighthouse Heritage Tours

Expert guides fully reveal the Lizard Lighthouse’s rich history and important 25-second beam that still guides ships today on regular tours:

  • Climb 95 steps spiralling up the tower for thrilling views across cliffs through glass panes hand-crafted by 19th century Stromness potters to magnify visibility.
  • Imagine keeping endless night watches peering out for stricken vessels during violent storms learning tales of heroic sea rescues launched from site buildings.
  • Marvel at the mighty lantern’s polished optic glass lens crafted by Chance Brothers of Birmingham capable of magnifying brightness x60,000 times powered originally by sperm whale oil then paraffin vapour.

Interactive children’s quiz trails provide added engaging insights during tours tailored especially for families.

lizard lighthouse heritage centre

Grounds and Coastline

Ramble the scenic heather-fringed coastal paths encircling the lighthouse admiring sea pinks, birds and the Longships lighthouse winking in the distance:

  • Scramble out to watchful unusual ‘Barking Dogs’ rock formations guarding offshore reefs.
  • Find Cornish chough birds soaring above precipitous pitted cliffs concealing secret smugglers’ passages.
  • Discover the experimental Marconi wireless shed from 1901 – the first transatlantic radio transmission location.

Cornwall’s Lighthouse Heritage

The book “Cornwall’s Lighthouse Heritage” by Michael Tarrant delves into the fascinating history of lighthouses in Cornwall, providing a comprehensive exploration of these iconic structures. Tarrant, an expert in maritime heritage, takes readers on a captivating journey through time, unraveling the tales of Cornwall’s lighthouses and their significance in safeguarding maritime navigation.

The author meticulously explores the Lizard Lighthouse in Cornwall, offering insights into its construction, technological advancements, and the dedicated keepers who manned these beacons. The book not only serves as a historical account but also celebrates the maritime heritage of Cornwall, shedding light on the critical role lighthouses played in ensuring the safety of sailors and vessels along the rugged coastline.

Readers can expect a rich blend of historical narratives, vivid descriptions, and captivating anecdotes that bring to life the evolution of Cornwall’s lighthouses. Whether one is a maritime enthusiast, history buff, or simply curious about the cultural heritage of Cornwall, Tarrant’s work provides a valuable and engaging resource. “Cornwall’s Lighthouse Heritage” is more than just a book; it’s a portal to the past, illuminating the maritime legacy that has shaped Cornwall’s coastal identity.

cornwalls lighthouse heritage
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Other nearby attractions

When you are at Lizard Point, there are a number of other great places to visit, including:

  • Lizard Point – The most southerly point in mainland Britain, renowned for its dramatic cliffs, scenic coastal walks, and rare wildlife. Spot seals or Atlantic grey mullet fish.
  • Cornish Seal Sanctuary – Just 12 miles up the coast, this marine wildlife sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates injured seals while also hosting penguins, sea birds, otters and other animals. An inspiring attraction.
  • Goonhilly Earth Station – See the iconic satellite dishes used for global communications at this high-tech complex. There’s an exhibit on space exploration and scenic walking trails offering sweeping moorland views.
  • Mullion Harbour – A picturesque harbour village with colorful fishing boats bobbing on the waves and fresh seafood restaurants. Nice coastal walking route to Predannack Cliffs.
  • Poldhu Cove – Small sandy bay flanked by scenic cliffs. Historical significance as the spot where Marconi successfully demonstrated long-distance wireless communication in 1901.
  • Gunwalloe Church Cove – Quaint 15th-century church overlooking beautiful National Trust beach. Offers good swimming with sheltered spots as well as coastal walks.
  • Glendurgan Garden – Wander this sub-tropical garden first planted in the 1800s, bursting with exotic plants and now owned by the National Trust. Has a stunning maze and views over Helford River.
  • Roskilly’s Farm and Ice Cream – An organic farm making artisanal Cornish ice cream. Watch cows being milked, sample flavours, or take scenic woodland walks while enjoying views over the peninsula.

For an atmospheric journey discovering how innovative Victorian engineering and resilience of past keepers helped ships navigate ocean storms near Cornwall’s wave-lashed limits, a day spent appreciating heritage at the Lizard Lighthouse shines brightly.

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