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Best Farm Shops in Torbay

best farm shops in torbay

Unveiling the Freshest Finds: A Tour of the best Farm Shops in Torbay

Looking for the best farm shops in Torbay to get some fresh, local produce or just try something different from the supermarket? This post will give you all you need to know!

Torbay’s rolling hills and charming coastline aren’t just beautiful – they’re a haven for delicious local produce! In this post,we’ll delve into the region’s top farm shops, where you can discover the freshest seasonal ingredients, artisan treats, and farm-reared goodies. From award-winning meats to bursting veg baskets and homemade delights, get ready to embark on a delightful journey for your taste buds and support local farmers at the same time. So, grab your reusable shopping bags and let’s explore the bounty of Torbay’s farm shops!

Churston Traditional Farm Shop: A Luxurious Haven for Local Produce

Nestled in a picturesque corner of Torbay, Churston Traditional Farm Shop isn’t your typical farmyard stall. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by an elegant display of fresh, seasonal produce that elevates the farm shop experience. They pride themselves on being one a sophisticated farm retailer, and it shows!

Churston champions local like no other. Over half of their offerings hail from the South Hams, renowned for its fertile farmland. Expect to find the finest cuts of grass-fed meats, alongside an enticing selection of house-made specialties.From succulent pasties to gourmet pastrami, their on-site chefs transform local ingredients into delectable treats.

But Churston offers more than just a shopping haven. Their renowned restaurant  allows you to savour the same fantastic quality you see on the shelves. From hearty breakfasts to decadent cream teas, their menu showcases the bounty of the region on your plate.

Churston doesn’t stop there. They also boast a well-stocked garden centre, making it a one-stop shop for all things fresh and flourishing. Whether you’re seeking top-notch ingredients for your next culinary masterpiece or a delightful afternoon indulging in local flavors, Churston Traditional Farm Shop promises a memorable and delicious experience.

“The Farm Shop Guide: From Farm to Fork” by John Egan is a comprehensive resource detailing farm shops across the UK. It offers insights into local produce, sustainable practices, and the journey of food from farm to table. Ideal for food enthusiasts seeking to support local agriculture and enjoy fresh, high-quality produce.

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Occombe Farm: A Family Fun Day Packed with Fresh Flavours

Occombe Farm isn’t just a farm shop; it’s a vibrant hub for families and a haven for fresh, local produce. Sprawling across beautiful Torbay countryside, Occombe offers a delightful mix of farmyard activities, delicious food, and a well-stocked farm shop brimming with regional treasures.

Little ones will be captivated by the chance to meet a friendly farmyard menagerie. From cuddly rabbits and fluffy sheep to mischievous goats and majestic Shetland ponies, there are endless opportunities for learning and fun. Indoor and outdoor play areas keep them entertained for hours, while parents can relax with a coffee and a slice of homemade cake from the Occombe Farm Cafe.

Of course, no trip to Occombe is complete without exploring their farm shop. Packed with fresh, seasonal produce sourced locally, it’s a paradise for food lovers. From plump berries just picked at sunrise to succulent cuts of meat from nearby farms, everything boasts the taste of the English countryside. They also offer artisan cheeses, fresh-baked bread,and a delightful selection of local jams and chutneys.

Occombe Farm goes beyond just selling – it fosters a connection with the land and its bounty. Their “Adopt an Animal” program allows families to contribute to the farm’s upkeep while building a special bond with a chosen farmyard friend. A trip to Occombe Farm promises a delightful day out for the whole family, filled with fresh air, farmyard fun, and the chance to stock up on the very best of Torbay’s harvest.

Old Quarry Farm: Sustainable Innovation Meets Delicious Tradition

While Kingskerswell boasts a charming countryside feel, Old Quarry Farm brings a touch of the future to the table.

But sustainability doesn’t compromise flavor at Old Quarry Farm. Their on-site shop is a treasure trove of fresh, seasonal produce grown using aquaponics and sourced from local farms. Expect to find crisp lettuces, vibrant peppers, and juicy tomatoes bursting with flavor, all nurtured with a focus on environmental responsibility.

Beyond the usual farm shop delights, Old Quarry Farm offers a taste of their ingenuity. Sample their “Made on the Farm” range, featuring jams, sauces, and even coffee roasted on-site. Honey harvested from their own beehives adds a touch of local sweetness, while freshly baked bread, crafted from scratch in their kitchen, tempts with its irresistible aroma.

Old Quarry Farm isn’t afraid to get educational. They offer tours and courses that delve into the fascinating world of aquaponics, allowing visitors to witness firsthand this sustainable farming method.

So, if you’re looking for a farm shop experience that goes beyond just picking up groceries, head to Old Quarry Farm.Here, you’ll discover a commitment to fresh, local flavors alongside innovative practices that nurture the land. It’s a perfect destination for the eco-conscious shopper or anyone seeking a delicious adventure!

Ben’s Farm Shop: A Gem for Local Goodies

bens farm shop

While not strictly in Torbay, Ben’s Farm Shop is so good that it merits inclusion here. It offers a convenient and delightful pitstop for anyone seeking the freshest local produce without venturing out of town. This charming shop, part of a family-run chain with deep roots in Devon farming, champions quality and community spirit.

Step inside and be greeted by a vibrant display of seasonal treasures. Ben’s Farm Shop boasts an impressive selection of locally sourced fruits and vegetables, all bursting with freshness. Whether you’re in need of plump berries for breakfast or seasonal greens for a hearty dinner, their shelves are guaranteed to inspire culinary creativity.

But Ben’s Farm Shop goes beyond just the green stuff. Their award-winning butchery is a carnivore’s paradise,showcasing prime cuts of meat raised by trusted local farmers. From succulent steaks to sizzling sausages, everything promises exceptional flavor and ethical sourcing.

Don’t forget to explore their deli counter, overflowing with artisan cheeses, cured meats, and homemade goodies. Sample a tangy cheddar from a nearby creamery or indulge in a decadent slice of quiche, all crafted with the finest regional ingredients.

Ben’s Farm Shop isn’t just about grabbing groceries; it’s a place to connect with the local food scene. Their friendly staff are passionate about their produce and happy to share their knowledge about the farms and producers they work with. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply seeking a convenient way to elevate your meals, Ben’s Farm Shop offers a delightful taste of Totnes and its surrounding bounty.

Daynes Farm Shop: Freshness from Field to Fork in Totnes

Nestled amidst the rolling hills near Totnes, Daynes Farm Shop is more than just a place to buy groceries – it’s a celebration of organic farming and farm-to-table goodness. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of fresh produce, ethically raised meats, and delectable homemade treats, all sourced from their very own farm or carefully selected from local Devon producers.

Daynes champions organic practices, ensuring their offerings are not only delicious but also kind to the environment. Step inside their on-site farm shop and be greeted by a vibrant display of seasonal vegetables bursting with color and flavor.Juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuces, and plump berries – everything here speaks of freshness and care.

But the bounty doesn’t stop there. Daynes boasts their very own organic butchery, where expert butchers transform locally raised livestock into succulent cuts of meat. Whether you’re grilling the perfect steak or slow-cooking a hearty stew, the quality and ethical sourcing are evident in every bite.

Daynes Farm Shop isn’t just about buying ingredients; it’s about indulging in homemade delights. Their talented team whips up an array of tempting treats, from freshly baked bread and decadent pastries to homemade jams and chutneys.

So, if you’re seeking a farm shop experience that celebrates fresh, local flavors and ethical practices, Daynes Farm Shop near Totnes is a must-visit. It’s a haven for food lovers and a testament to the dedication of a family passionate about bringing the best of Devon to your table.

Stokeley Farm Shop: A Haven for Local Delights and Everyday Essentials

Stokeley Farm Shop, nestled near Slapton Ley in South Hams, isn’t just another farm shop; it’s a one-stop destination for all things delicious and essential. This family-run haven champions local producers and offers a delightful mix of fresh produce, artisan goods, and everyday groceries.

Step inside and be greeted by a vibrant display of seasonal treasures. Stokeley sources over 70% of their offerings from Devon producers, ensuring the freshest local flavors grace your table. Luscious fruits and vegetables, just picked at the peak of ripeness, sit beside vibrant flower bouquets, adding a touch of cheer to your shopping experience.

But Stokeley isn’t just about the farm-fresh finds. Their award-winning butchery boasts a selection of succulent meats raised by trusted local farmers. From perfectly marbled steaks to sizzling sausages, every cut promises exceptional quality and ethical sourcing. Don’t miss their deli counter, overflowing with artisan cheeses, cured meats, and homemade goodies.

Stokeley goes beyond just food. Their well-stocked shelves ensure you can pick up everyday essentials, from household items to a wide selection of alcohol, including their own craft beers brewed next door. Need a quick bite? Their on-site cafe offers delicious breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon teas, all crafted with fresh, local ingredients.

For a touch of greenery, explore their plant centre, brimming with vibrant flowers and healthy plants to add life to your home. During the summer months, you can even rent e-bikes to explore the stunning South Hams countryside, making a trip to Stokeley a delightful adventure.

So, whether you’re seeking farm-fresh ingredients for your next culinary masterpiece, stocking up on everyday essentials,or simply craving a delicious meal and a chance to explore the beauty of South Hams, Stokeley Farm Shop promises a warm welcome and a delightful experience for the whole family.

Ullacombe Farm Shop & Cafe: Rural Charm Meets Delicious Delights

Carved into the idyllic hillside, Ullacombe Farm Shop & Cafe offers a taste of rural Devon charm alongside a bounty of fresh, local produce. This family-run haven boasts not just a well-stocked farm shop, but also a welcoming cafe where you can savor the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labour.

Step inside the farm shop and be greeted by a symphony of sights and smells. Locally sourced vegetables burst with vibrant colours, while shelves groan under the weight of fresh bread, homemade jams, and regional cheeses. Ullacombe champions sustainability, offering daily deliveries of fresh fruit and veg from nearby Bovey Tracey, ensuring peak freshness and minimal food miles.

But Ullacombe isn’t just about the groceries. Their award-winning butchery takes pride of place, showcasing the finest cuts of meat from trusted Devon farmers. Whether you’re a steak enthusiast or a lover of slow-cooked roasts, their offerings promise exceptional quality and ethical sourcing.

Feeling peckish? Don’t miss the adjoining Cafe. With its open-plan kitchen and warm atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and savour the farm’s bounty. Tuck into their legendary burgers, a local favorite featuring their own succulent patty. Lighter options include the roasted chilli salmon, a delightful alternative for those seeking a taste of the sea.

Ullacombe isn’t just for adults. They cater to families as well, offering a secure play area for little ones to run around while parents enjoy a relaxing meal. Outdoor seating provides the opportunity to soak in the fresh Dartmoor air and the gentle bleating of sheep – a true taste of the Devonshire countryside.

Whether you’re a local resident seeking fresh, high-quality produce or a visitor yearning for an authentic rural experience,Ullacombe Farm Shop & Cafe offers a delightful escape. It’s a place to savor delicious food, support local farmers, and create lasting memories in the heart of Dartmoor.

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